Why I'm Running

Image of Yancey

It is a simple truth: the state government is rigged to work against you and your family.

I know this because I spent the better part of three decades navigating this system and working through its loopholes and burdensome regulations to do what was best for the people of my district who elected me.

My experience has taken me from a small-town mayor, to state senator, to your lieutenant governor. I have navigated this system better than most – and I know you deserve better.

I will take that experience and use it to make this government more accountable and more responsible.

But true change can only come by stripping more power and funding from state government, and giving it back to the people -- so we can make more and better decisions, locally.

Only a governor with the experience and the will to put you back in charge has the power to get this done.

I am not interested in a more powerful governor’s office – I am interested in a more powerful citizenry.

You must be more able to oversee, hire, and fire the people who take your tax dollars and spend your money.

We must restore more control to our localities – where your voice is stronger, and decisions are made by the people who will be affected by them.

Because you don’t have control of your life if someone in Columbia is making so many choices for you.

Here is another simple truth: You and your families deserve a government that listens to you – and works for you.

I am a God-fearing man, and I love my state.

And together, we will take back our government and put South Carolina’s citizens back in control of our future.

That is why I’m running for Governor.