First 100 Days

I will take decisive action in my first 100 days as governor to hold our government accountable and make it more transparent. We will restore more local control over spending and decision making, more power to our citizens, and more trust in our elected officials.

Here are just some of the things we will accomplish in my first 100 days as your governor.

  • RESTORE MORE LOCAL CONTROL: A large, overbearing state government leads to excessive spending, unnecessary regulations, lack of accountability, and corruption. Restoration of more local control of spending will be a guiding principle of my administration. In my first 100 days we will start to return more power to local governments in order to restore more control to local communities. This will give the people and their community leaders the ability to make decisions that best serve their interests. Your tax money should be going towards your needs.
  • BEGIN YEARLY FINANCIAL AND "PEOPLE" AUDITS: The taxpayers of South Carolina want and need to know where their money is going, how it’s being spent, and the results of that spending. We will initiate full, yearly financial and “people” audits of all 80+ state agencies. A “people” audit is where we make sure the right people are doing the right jobs. Through these audits we will find out who has abused the trust of the voters.
  • RESTRUCTURE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - WITH A MAJOR FOCUS ON NEW JOBS IN ALL 46 COUNTIES: When I become Governor, the South Carolina Department of Commerce will be completely restructured. In our first 100 days, I will create a South Carolina Small and Local Business Authority which will focus on investing in our small businesses so they can thrive, and create jobs in our communities.
  • ELIMINATE JOB-KILLING REGULATIONS: As part of our audit and review of state agencies, we will identify and eliminate burdensome, job-killing regulations. An initial list of regulations that must be eliminated will be presented in our first 100 days.
  • LAUNCH A CITIZEN WATCHDOG WEBSITE: To establish and maintain full accountability and transparency, we will create a Citizen’s Watchdog website to clearly explain to the public what issues are before the state house, which votes have been cast, and their impact on the people of our state. It’s time for our politicians to be accountable to the citizens who elected them.
  • PRESENT AND IMPLEMENT A PLAN TO REFORM THE AWARDING OF STATE CONTRACTS AND CREATE A MORE COMPETITIVE BIDDING PROCESS: We will develop and implement a plan to promote more competitive bidding on state contracts – especially by local contractors – in order to improve quality and lower costs for taxpayers.
  • AUDIT AND REFORM THE DOT: The South Carolina Department of Transportation is awash in money. We will initiate a complete audit of the Department of Transportation, share this information with the public, and present a reform plan. This will increase transparency, spend money smarter, and improve overall efficiency. We will eliminate political favors, end special earmarks designed to secure re-elections, promote more competitive contract bidding, and ensure a fair and balanced distribution of funds.
  • INCREASE THE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION FOR OUR SENIORS: To ensure that our seniors can enjoy retirement with fewer financial burdens, we will responsibly increase the homestead exemption for our seniors.
  • MORE TEACHING. LESS TESTING: Not all kids are the same, not all kids learn the same, not all kids test the same. Every student should be able to show their strengths instead of being judged based on an endless string of standardized tests that are created by a corporation that isn’t even based in the state. In my first 100 days, by implementing reforms that refocus our education system on teaching our kids to think and solve problems, we will create the leaders of tomorrow.
  • FIX THE TEACHER SHORTAGE: South Carolina faces a teacher shortage. We will develop a plan to bring more good teachers to South Carolina.
  • STRONGER INPUT ON EDUCATION FROM PARENTS: Beginning in our first 100 days, we will make sure parents and local communities have a strong voice in education decisions by conducting statewide listening tours so we can hear directly from you.
  • RURAL JOBS DEVELOPMENT: We will create a rural economic jobs and development strategy which will ensure that all parts of South Carolina can see good job growth.